If you or someone in your home plays sports, a sports mouth guard is a must. And chances are, if you or your child are involved in lacrosse, hockey, football or a similar sport, you have probably purchased sports mouth guards in the past. But it is a good idea to protect your smile during any activity where there is a risk of injury to your mouth and teeth. This is especially true for people undergoing orthodontic treatment such as braces or fixed retainers.

Our dentist can create a customized sports mouth guard designed specifically to fit your or your child’s smile. A sports mouth guard can keep your smile safe from broken, chipped or lost teeth, as well as damage caused by a collision to the soft tissues of your mouth.

Follow the instructions for cleaning and storing your mouth guard. Also, it is a good idea to buy a new mouth guard at the start of every season. If a member of your family has a sports season coming up, make sure that their smile is covered. While you are shopping for sports equipment, make sure that you contact our office and schedule an appointment to see our dentist.