If you have lost some of your teeth but still have healthy teeth in your smile, our dentist may suggest fixing the problem with a partial denture.

A partial denture is made up of replacement teeth that are molded into an acrylic base. Unlike full dentures, which can adhere to your gum or may require a small amount of denture adhesive, partial dentures are held in place by thin metal clasps that attach to your remaining teeth. Our dentist or one of our team members will talk with you about how to adjust to life with your partial denture and how to clean and care for them. A partial denture is not as strong as your natural teeth or even a full denture. If you damage or break your partial, do not try to repair it on your own. Instead, contact our office to have your partial repaired or replaced.

A partial denture can restore lost volume to your face and improve your appearance. It can also restore your ability to speak and eat freely. If you have been living with an incomplete smile and would like to learn more about partial dentures, call our office to schedule a visit with our dentist.