All-on-4® implant-supported dentures are an option for people who need to replace an entire row of missing teeth but are looking for a solution that is not as invasive or expensive as a dental implant, while still offering more stability than dentures.

Instead of replacing each tooth with an implant, our dentist will instead place four implants in your jaw. Your denture will then snap into place over the implants. You may have new dentures made for your implants, but in many cases, your existing dentures can be refit. While some surgery is required to place the implants, it is not nearly as much as is needed to replace all of your teeth with individual implants. Our dentist may even be able to fix your dentures to the implants on the same day they are placed. Usually, there is no need for a bone graft, and the treatment time is shorter. This treatment can restore the appearance and function of your smile, allowing you to speak clearly and eat all of your favorite foods again. Frequently, patients with All-on-4 implant-supported dentures say that their denture feels just like their natural teeth.

Our dentist can see you for an examination and consultation to help you decide if this restoration is a good fit for your smile. Call our office to schedule your visit.