At My Time Dental Centers, our dentist and team accept all major PPO insurance plans to help you maximize your benefits. For uninsured patients, we also offer in-house financing plans to cover general services for a yearly fee, and we work with third-party financing groups, such as CareCredit®, LendingClub®, Sunbit, Alphaeon and Proceed Finance. For any out-of-pocket payments, we accept all payment types, including cash, checks, credit cards and even Apple Pay.

My Time Dental Centers Savings Plan

No Insurance?

Our team offers an in-house savings plan to help ensure every one of our patients has access to the care they need.

Cost To Enroll

$249 Per Person
$190 Any Additional Family Member
(Save over $500 just on exams and cleaning)


Coverage Table

ProcedureMember Discount
Two Patient Exams (Comprehensive or Periodic)100%
Two Regular Cleanings per Year or Credit to Periodontal Maintenance100%
One Panoramic or PMX Series of Radiographs (X-Rays)100%
Emergency Exam100%
Intraoral or 3D Radiographs20%
Additional Regular or Periodontal Maintenance20%
Dental Sealants20%
Dental Implants20%
Oral Surgery20%
Root Canal Treatment20%
Dental Crowns20%
Sedation Options20%
Removable Dentures and Partials20%


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

    The My Time Dental Centers dental plan is available for single patients, domestic partners and married couples. Dependents can also be enrolled as additional family members up until they are 24 years old regardless of their marital status or school attendance. The benefits offered under this plan are non-transferable and are exclusively available to enrolled members.

Can I enroll if I already have another dental plan?

    While this savings plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or plan, you can use this plan if your current dental plan or insurance has reached its maximum coverage limit, or when the specific procedure you require is not covered by your existing plan.

When do the savings begin?

    The membership is activated immediately after enrollment and remains valid for one year from the enrollment date. Any unused benefits for the year cannot be carried forward to the subsequent year.

What are the benefits of the MTD in-house plan?

    The MTD plan offers several attractive features and helps you cover your dental care without any yearly maximums, deductibles, claim forms, pre-authorization requirements, or limitations based on pre-existing conditions. Because the plan kicks in as soon as you apply, there are no waiting periods either. Just the care you need when you need it.


Terms, Conditions and Limitations

The dental savings program offered is not an insurance plan, but a savings plan available to eligible members. The following restrictions apply:

  • This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other dental plan.
  • Costs of dental care covered under worker’s compensation are not eligible under this program.
  • The program cannot be used for treatments that fall outside the realm of the treating dentist’s expertise or capability, as determined by the treating dentist.
  • Referrals to specialists are not covered under this program.
  • Hospitalization or related charges of any kind are not eligible under this program.
  • Services that cannot be performed due to the general health, physical, or psychological limitations of the patient are not covered under this program.

We encourage you to call us at 480-909-4255 to discuss your financial options for your dental care in Mesa, Arizona. Come see Dr. Jeffrey Schmelter for your dental care needs!