Five ways dental fillings at our practice in Mesa, AZ, are worth smiling about

Dentists like Dr. Jeffrey Schmelter can rebuild decayed, fractured, or otherwise damaged teeth thanks to advanced dental materials and techniques. So, the treated tooth looks, feels, and functions in a way that is indistinguishable from surrounding healthy, natural teeth. 

My Time Dental Centers in Mesa, AZ, repairs and, in turn, preserves the natural tooth structure with resilient and attractive materials like composite resin. This material is appropriate for dental fillings because it has many advantages over other, earlier-generation filling materials, including: 

  • It can be perfectly color-matched to blend in with the surrounding tooth structure and other teeth in your smile. 
  • Patients with sensitivities to metals have peace of mind. Composite resin is biocompatible (tissue-friendly) and hypoallergenic. 
  • Due to its aesthetic properties, the resin is well-suited to those patients with cavities in the “smile zone,” or that may require treatment of front teeth or eroded areas near the gum line.
  • It is a conservative alternative to materials that require more natural tooth structure to be drilled away to accommodate the filling. 
  • It is highly durable; its appearance and functionality hold up well as long as the patient retains good hygiene and hygiene appointments at the dentist’s office.

The process 

As with other treatments at our practice, Dr. Schmelter will use his visual acuity and advanced diagnostics to evaluate the condition of your troublesome tooth and surrounding teeth and tissues. He may determine that damage to your tooth can be reversed with modifications to oral care, such as introducing products like fluoride supplementation to remineralize and build up teeth. Likewise, he may determine that the damage to your tooth requires more extensive restorative care in the form of dental inlays, onlays (partial crowns), or full-coverage crowns. Large fillings are generally not recommended because they tend to be vulnerable to breakage. 

Now, if he determines that composite (or white) fillings are the best option for you, a pliable dental plastic is first matched to the color of your natural teeth. After the natural tooth has been “prepared,” meaning all damaged areas are removed, the composite is applied in layers. Each layer is hardened for the ultimate secure bond between the tooth and the material. The tooth is shaped, refined, and polished, and that’s it! You are ready to go. These fillings are generally completed in a single visit. 

We’re also happy to discuss anesthetic and sedative options for your utmost comfort and the most pleasant experience possible at our practice, My Time Dental Centers, in Mesa, AZ. To find out more about the process, call us at (623) 777-6456 to schedule your appointment.