What is PRF and How can You Benefit from It?

PRF or Platelet-rich fibrin is a post-surgical treatment used to lessen discomfort and expedite healing.  Because it is made from your own blood, it is completely natural.

The blood is drawn by our phlebotomist and separated using a centrifuge.  Once the blood is separated into plasma, red blood cells, and PRF; the PRF is removed.  PRF looks like yellow jelly.  It is made up of white blood cells, fibrin, and bone growth factors.

White blood cells, fibrin, and bone growth factors are essential in the healing process of any type of oral surgery.  These biologic materials can decrease infection risk, improve post-surgical comfort, and accelerate the healing of the surgical site.

         PRF can decrease swelling and pain.  Since PRF is from your own body it is completely biocompatible, safe, and effective.

         PRF shortens the healing time by controlling inflammation allowing you to feel better sooner.

        PRF is applied directly to the surgical site creating a seal that keeps bacteria out which reduces the risk of infection significantly.

Platelet-rich fibrin allows you to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile, sooner.  Ask any team member if PRF might enhance your treatment plan.

My Time Dental Team

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