What are Athletic Mouth Guards For



The common denominator of winning athletes is an “ALL IN” attitude. Whether they are training, practicing or competing for the big win; the mindset is “ALL IN”! That kind of attitude takes of razor-sharp focus. The key is eliminating distractions. Providing the best protective gear for the sport, such as mouth guards, is top of the list. When an athlete knows he or she has the best protection against injury it allows them to function at peak performance. So, what are mouth guards for?

What are Mouth Guards For?

The Academy of Sports Dentistry states high school athletes at the highest risk group when it comes to facial injuries. The reason for this is because of their high-level enthusiasm and competitive spirit, combined with the fact that their bodies are still developing makes this age group the most susceptible to facial sports injuries. 

Do I Really need a Mouthguard? 

Without a mouthguard, you are at risk for more than chipping a tooth. The damage from a sports facial injury usually extends to gum tissue and the supporting bone structure. A custom athletic mouthguard is designed to absorb and distribute the forces of impact received while participating in athletic activities. 

A properly fitted mouthguard with protect your soft tissues of the lips, cheeks, gums, and tongue by covering the sharp surfaces of the teeth. 

A properly fitted mouthguard reduces the potential for jaw joint fracture or displacement by cushioning against the impact. 

A properly fitted mouthguard reduces the force upon impact helping to protect the jaws from fracture. 

Do I Really Need a CUSTOM Fit Mouthguard? 

The most common impact types are mouth impact, direct jaw impact, and under chin impact. An off- the-shelf boil and bite guard does not have the preferred 3mm of material to protect you. 

Another issue with off-the-shelf mouthguards is breathing trouble while wearing it. You definitely need to be able to breathe properly while playing sports. If the mouthguard is uncomfortable, chances are it will spend more time in the case than in the mouth. 

In addition to a precise fit, the custom fit mouthguard is made with a more durable material. There is no inference with speech and breathing and the snug fit assures it does not fall out or become lodged in your throat. 

Finally, a custom fit guard easily fits over orthodontic brackets if needed. 

In Conclusion

If you are still wondering what are mouth guards for, Dr. Schmelter can answer any questions about custom athletic mouthguards, and why it should be considered a staple part of any athletes protective sports equipment. Call today for a consultation and evaluation. 

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