Reasons for Dental Bone Graft



Wondering what the reasons for dental bone grafting are? Bone resorption or bone loss of the jawbone can be rebuilt with a surgical procedure known as bone grafting. Bone resorption will affect your oral health and change your facial appearance.  Bone grafts are used in these situations:

Anytime a tooth is missing for a significant amount of time, jawbone resorption will occur.  The longer the tooth is missing the greater the chances of other teeth shifting.  As a result, the shifting and bone loss may make placing an implant difficult or impossible.

Reasons for Dental Bone Graft

Bone grafting allows Dr. Schmelter to grow bone where it is needed so he can place implants securely.  Patients are able to have both the function and aesthetics of their teeth restored. Some dental procedure can only be done with the placement of bone grafting.

Tooth loss and extraction is the most common cause of jawbone loss.  Other causes are developmental deficiencies, facial trauma, and tumors.  Tooth misalignment and sinus deficiencies can also contribute to bone loss.

Types of Bone Grafts

Dental bone grafting can be done using a variety of materials.  Depending on the individual treatment plan and the patient, Dr. Schmelter may choose one option over another.  The types of bone graft materials are:

After Bone Grafting Care

Minimizing the dislodging of the bone graft is priority after surgery.  Although particles of the bone may be found in your mouth the first few days after placement, there are measures you can take to retain the graft.  Several things to do are:

If your bone graft was performed in the sinus cavity (sinus augmentation) addition precautions are:

Hopefully, you now understand reasons for dental bone grafting. Dental bone grafting is a game changer in dentistry.  This procedure has created opportunities for dental restorations previously not possible for patients with jawbone deficiencies.  How could bone grafting enhance your smile and your quality of life? Make an appointment to find out.

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