Is It Worth Having Dental Insurance?



You may be asking yourself, “Is it worth having dental insurance?” Here at My Time Dental, we care about our patients over insurance companies. Therefore, this question can be determined by who your dentist is. 

Is It Worth Having Dental Insurance?

In this article you will get to know our office a little more and why we value our relationship with our patients. 

This is Our Mission Statement:  

“The partnership we enter into with our patients to achieve the optimum in dental and overall health, by pursuing excellence through continuing education and leading-edge technology, is one of privilege and respect.  

Our mission is to consistently provide a safe, comfortable, and efficient dental experience with empathy and compassion for every patient at every visit.”

Our service values of safety, comfort, and efficiency will always be followed in this order.  Your safety is our primary concern and will never be compromised for the sake of efficiency. Whether it be time or cost efficiency, you will always have the time you deserve to comfortably understand your treatment and your recommended treatment will always be based on what is best for your dental and overall health.  Doctor Jeff does not treatment plan by the dictates of your insurance.

Is It Worth Having Dental Insurance

We are preferred providers in most of the popular PPO insurance plans.  The benefits of these plans are meant to assist you in affording your dental treatment.  No dental insurance pays 100% of your dental treatment plan.

We take pride in being your healthcare advocate providing you with the highest quality of care.  We also strive to make dentistry comfortably affordable. Our team works diligently to coordinate all resources to enable you to obtain a healthy, beautiful smile.  If dental insurance is one of those resources available to you, our goal is to maximize your dental benefits and minimize your out of pocket expense.

Some Things to Know About Dental Insurance

The bottom line is that our relationship is with you NOT your dental insurance.  We will always give you all the best treatment options based on your individual situation. Dr. Schmelter does a comprehensive exam including films, photos and a face to face discussion regarding your dental and medical history as well as your dental goals. We do not recommend treatment based on what your insurance dictates you are entitled to sight unseen.

Is It Worth Having Dental Insurance

We will always do our best to avoid unexpected surprises in your dental insurance coverage. Since we value our relationship, we want to provide full disclosure that we are powerless in making your insurance company pay based on necessity of care or what is in your best interest dentally.  We would never want your dental insurance to damage our relationship with you because of a misunderstanding or lack of clarity about expectations.

But I Don’t Want to Play the Dental Insurance Game Anymore

If even after diligent efforts to understand your dental insurance benefits, you find your head spinning and, like us, you are frustrated with the lack of transparency by your plan, we have options.  Talk to us about making the smile of your dreams a reality! This can help you determine is it worth having dental insurance.

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